22 November 2018


13 korzyści z kredytu obrotowego dla firm

A working loan is one of financial services that are the most popular with entrepreneurs. It allows to maintain financial liquidity and contributes to the company’s growth. It is intended to finance current operations and is granted under a contract between a bank or non-banking financial institution and the loan recipient. Is this a profitable solution?


Advantages of a working loan for businesses

A working loan for businesses requires credit capacity. It is intended for companies that already exist in the market and are earning sufficiently high revenues. Also companies making settlements based on revenues and expenses ledgers (KPiR) are more likely to receive such a loan. If a positive credit decision is granted, they may benefit considerably from a working loan.


  1. Guarantee of retaining financial liquidity. A working loan allows you to repay your monetary liabilities on time. This way your company may retain market stability.
  2. It minimizes the risk of bankruptcy and the potential for insolvency.
  3. It supports solving problems that arise from the lack of financial means due to outstanding receivables.
  4. It provides endless possibilities. A working loan may also be used to cover costs of employment, as well as administrative fees or the purchase of new equipment.
  5. Depending on the client’s needs, a working loan may be obtained in one of two variants. In a current account (renewable loan limit) or in a credit account (loan spread into installments). It is up to the client to decide which form of payment is most suitable for them – one-off or depending on their needs.
  6. In the case of a working loan granted in a current account, the payment and repayment limits are not subject to any schedule. The amounts and frequency depend on the loan recipient’s needs. In this variant, the installments are repaid within time limits that are convenient for the client, also as a one-off payment at the end of the contract term.
  7. The repayment date in the case of the second variant may be negotiated and follow both a monthly and quarterly schedule.
  8. Loan costs may be negotiated by the company with the financial institution.
  9. A working loan may be launched more than once. Moreover, the term of the loan is very flexible for the recipient. Working loans are most often granted for a year, but you may also find offers for longer periods.
  10. It enables company development. Funds from the loan may be used to buy the necessary equipment that will allow the company to thrive, extend its activities, prosper well into future and drive income.
  11. Working loans for companies have an attractive interest rate.
  12. They may be taken in currencies other than PLN.
  13. The waiting time for a decision to grant the loan is short and the formalities are reduced to a minimum.

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