For many people, total cancellation of debt is a chance for a fresh start. Declaring personal bankruptcy is a process requiring considerable effort, good organization and patience. You need knowledge of legal, bookkeeping and financial matters. If your financial position impacts your private life, you cannot deal with your problems resulting from multiple debts, use the help of our experts who have handled a lot of similar cases and helped debtors to get rid of liabilities that were impossible to repay.

Our services include support and help throughout the entire personal bankruptcy proceedings. We prepare clients to every stage of proceedings, implement previously agreed-on plan and take over the majority of debtors responsibilities.



Bankruptcy proceedings entail many activities and analyses performed at every stage. A receiver and judge are appointed and the value of the bankruptcy estate and the list of creditors are determined. Additionally, the insolvent person’s property is sold. In certain circumstances, an arrangement with creditors may be concluded. During the proceedings, court issues a decision on a creditor repayment plan – it entails voluntary payment in installments. Moreover, the court decides what part of debt will be written off and how soon it will happen.


Our services include comprehensive support and help throughout the entire bankruptcy proceedings. We will inform you that the necessary documents have been collected, instruct clients on legal issues regarding personal bankruptcy, represent them before the bankruptcy court, receiver and creditors, as well as provide legal assistance when it comes to the stage of selling the bankruptcy estate. Before the final application is submitted, we always verify the facts and assess whether our client meets all the conditions to declare personal bankruptcy. Whenever better solutions are available for the client, we also propose other methods of debt relief.